The story of mine after spm

Its june already and how times really flies ! Alhamdulillah tho. By the moments , im writing this post im now at Universiti Teknologi Mara Shah Alam yeayy alhamdulillah once more then :) I guess my story is a lil bit complicated then since from the beginning to the end , the road im taken is not dat easy. I passed my Spm examination yeayy then i wait for matrics result then the result hit me like a brick falling from 10 metres high. Aku tak dapat matriks ! Why ! Ermm i did appealed for the rayuan and even tried to call the management at Putrajaya and they did nothing . They just *okay berapa result awak* *kejap saya sambungkan dekat bla3*

And i wait again for the upu result to come out and 6 may 2015 , my friend of mine did texted me and congratulate for getting Law Foundation. Its a mixed feelings tho. I dont know if to be happy or either. Yaa its a difficult reason but i ve no other choices since im not registering for the form 6*ya aku bangang kahkah*

And I did urge my sister and insisting her that im not going for this such nonsense course*tampar aku berjemaah please* Pujuk punya pujuk haha aku rasa nilah jalan terbaik buat aku setakat ni insyaallah. Best ah duk shah alam. Tapi dekat kampus shah alam ada 4 courses je for spm leavers which is ; Law foundation , Tesl Foundation , Diploma in Musics , and Diploma In Art & Design. Pretty cool right ? Haha.

And after some moments , i did recheck my rayuan to the matrics and pathetically i didnt get the rayuan too kahkah sangat sodehhh

And it sucks to say that everything you got not only based on keputusan spm but its do matters with rezeki. So dont ever just study study study tapi lupa hubungan dengan Allah. Yes.

My latest presentation in english class. To the most horrifying fact , that im the less english expert there. And the red shirt boy is so freaky damn good in english*ex debater leh ah* and to the second horrifying fact too , they re from the sbp-s and mrsm-s. But im so proud to bring my daily government school's name outta the best university out there yeayy.

Okay this pic is i took from the goggle which is my faculty yeayy. Everyday i ve to climb that *batu caves' stairs* like seriously this is puasa and sangatlah meletihkan

Kami budak kelas D and our motto is we saw we came we conquer 

When lect says *take five* people be like *jum selfie guys yeayyyy*

Its really fun at here i swear. Haha kboi

Written By Hana Nordin :)

Hak Milik Hana Nordin 2012-2015.